Engage Your Distributed Hourly Workforce, Effortlessly

Get real-time anonymized feedback from your frontline workers so they feel heard and engaged

Get ahead of job abandonment by checking in with new employees at key onboarding milestones

Know that you are consistently reaching all of your essential workers no matter where they are located, or what shift they are working in their preferred language

Engage your distributed hourly workforce, effortlessly

Drive Organizational Change With RETAIN Insights

Track the health of your frontline workforce in real-time

Benchmark satisfaction and retention across your company and against industry peers

Measure the impact of retention initiatives and investments



Empower your team to take action today

Empower Your Team To Take Action Today

Understand satisfaction and retention data by position, facility, and tenure

Identify your top turnover drivers and recommendations for improvement

Be instantly notified when hot-button issues are raised so you can immediately assign action and track resolution


Learn why so many supply chain companies are turning to WorkStep RETAIN

Hear why industry-leading brands are turning to WorkStep RETAIN

These [new initiatives] just weren't happening before we had this type of employee engagement

- Daniel Pugh, Talent Acquisition Manager


Using WorkStep has helped give us the data we need to understand exactly what's affecting employee turnover. Using this data, we can react immediately. Thanks to WorkStep, we've dramatically improved retention and increased new hire satisfaction and preparedness

- Jamie Anderson, Director of Talent Pipeline Program


WorkStep RETAIN comes out on top compared to other solutions

In-house Process
or Basic Survey Tools
Deskworker Employee
Engagement Platforms
Workstep Logo
One-off employee surveys
Easy-to-use interface
HRIS integration capability
Analytics, benchmarks, suggested actions
Custom analysis from in-house data science team
Top opportunities identified
Engages frontline workforce at scale via mobile
Built specifically for industrial companies
Dedicated customer success manager for onboarding and insights

We partner with leading brands across
manufacturing, retail, and transportation & logistics

Retain Your Workforce

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