4,000+ team members spread out across 10 distribution centers

Recruiting focus on candidates with previous warehouse, order selecting, and forklift experience

Roles to fill include: Operator, Production, Order Puller, Janitorial, Invoicing Clerk, and Shipping & Receiving


104 hires in the first year of the partnership in 7 distribution centers

$200,000 in savings compared to temp-to-hire in the first year

4.7/5.0 worker satisfaction with WorkStep placements


“WorkStep has helped everyone on our HR team make hires quickly during peak and our leadership has enjoyed the cost savings.”

HR Director

Leading the Way in Wholesale Apparel

The company in this case study is a wholesale supplier of branded and private label apparel and accessories. Their products include a variety of clothing and accessories, such as outerwear, activewear, hats, t-shirts, and polo shirts, and more. Today, the company employs more than 4,000 people nationwide and offers 21 retail, mill, and private label brands, and counting!

Engaging with WorkStep

Historically, the company’s HR team had been dependent on temp-to-hire and was looking for a way to make more direct-hires. Not only was the cost continuing to rise with the agency model turnover would result in endless training and replacement.

WorkStep engaged with an HR Director and her distribution center HR Managers to understand current staffing shortages, candidate preferences, and their facility’s interview process. Together, a strategy was created to locate candidates with forklift and distribution center experience. WorkStep was able to provide qualified candidates daily that had experience and skills that matched their preferences resulting in rapid hires for their openings at a significantly lower cost-per-hire. The intelligent applicant screening and automated interview scheduling made the transition to direct-placement a breeze.

Future Plans

Now that the partnership between the two companies has been introduced to all distribution centers in the first year, there is a continued effort to lower hiring costs and drive up retention. The teams are leveraging the retention tools within WorkStep to hone in on worker satisfaction and prevent turnover before it happens.

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