Quality Custom Distributions


60,000 employees across the globe

Recruiting focus on hiring for fit to build retention

Roles to fill include: Warehouse Associate, Material Handler, and Forklift Operator


> 85% retention rate on first 100 hires

50 offers made in a week at 1 location

8 facilities added to WorkStep in first 2 months


“I had a very good experience with WorkStep. There was a steady flow of candidates – plenty of forklift drivers with good experience.”

A Leader in 3PL

The company in this case study is a global supplier of transport and logistics services with offices and warehouses in more than 90 countries.

In the United States, this company operates a network of multi-client warehouses that allow brand owners to transport products to market quickly and accurately. Those warehouses employ thousands of non-exempt employees in roles like Warehouse Associate, Material Handler, and Forklift Operator.

Engaging with WorkStep

Historically, the company had supplemented the efforts of their internal recruiting team by leveraging temp staffing agencies when they needed labor in a pinch to staff up for peak season or a brand new customer engagement. What drew the company to WorkStep initially was the pay-for-retention pricing model.

Getting started, the company and WorkStep set up a pilot in the Inland Empire, an area east of Los Angeles, CA. At that initial facility, they were able to make 12 hires in their first month on the platform, and even more the month after. After validating that the retention lift and resulting ROI was also there, the pilot began to expand to other regions and facilities.

The first real test came when the company needed to support a new customer outside of Chicago, Illinois, and were hoping to make 50 hires in just a week’s time. With the power of the WorkStep network & technology, that location was able to host over 100 on-site interviews and generate the 50 offers they were looking for.

Future Plans

Given the success of the WorkStep partnership to date, the two teams will continue to work together to determine how WorkStep can add value for the company’s on-site teams throughout the country. For WorkStep candidates, it is great that WorkStep is able to partner with a company like this multinational 3PL that has opportunities across the country, treats their employees with respect, and provides real career opportunities.

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