10,000+ teammates employed in US

Serving more than 35 countries

Focused on addressing driver shortages and increasing candidate volume


Filled 5 driver positions and all hires already had a CDL, which reduced onboarding costs

Facilitated dozens of interviews across 20+ states

Retained all 5 hires


“Managing dozens of roles in WorkStep is easy”
                        – Manager of Driver Recruitment

This company is a global leader in processing chicken, pork, and beef. Their 137,000 employees across the globe help bring food to more than 35 countries. They are a leader in providing protein to restaurant chains and other food service customers, such as schools, hospitals, and the military. 

To ensure they could meet demands and improve service for their customers, this company partnered with WorkStep to help address their driver shortages by improving candidate volume and quality.


Recruiting truck drivers is an increasingly difficult task for companies, especially in a tight labor market. Being able to source top candidates over competitors is a challenge, and even harder to find talent that will stay for the long-run. This leader in protein processing needed a way to find candidates that were not just looking for a job, but actively looking for a career in driving. 

This company also didn’t want to implement a hiring solution that would place added stress on their recruiters by requiring them to learn a complex system. Finding a product that would simplify and streamline the hiring process was important.


As a global leader in protein processing, the labor shortage crisis had a huge impact on the company, creating a need to find a hiring solution that would help secure top talent quickly, without a heavy lift from their team.

WorkStep HIRE enabled the company to source and vet candidates specifically looking for careers in truck driving through the WorkStep supply chain-specific talent network. The automatic scheduling tool made it simple for both the candidate and hiring manager to set up interviews.

This eliminated the need for the recruiting team to make cold calls to people who may not be looking for a truck driving job. Instead it easily connected them with individuals specifically interested in these roles. 


WorkStep HIRE allowed the company to effortlessly source qualified matches and automatically schedule interviews with interested individuals. As a result, they were able to conduct dozens of interviews with applicants across 20 states.

Initially, they piloted WorkStep HIRE by focusing on 5 open positions. As they saw how quickly WorkStep was able to gain momentum in sourcing the right candidates and the ease of scheduling interviews, they expanded to using the product to fill the other 29 driver roles they had open. While the company is willing to train inexperienced drivers who are seeking Commercial Driver Licenses (CDL), they were able to hire five drivers through WorkStep HIRE who were already certified, minimizing the cost of onboarding. All five drivers have retained since being hired.

Partnering with WorkStep allowed them to easily manage an abundance of candidates without imposing additional work on the recruiting team. 

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