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Why Now is the Time to Join WorkStep

Dan Johnston

January 21, 2022

It is no secret that it is a candidate’s market in tech. In this remote-first world, an extremely talented person can pick from hundreds of open roles at well-capitalized startups.

Joining WorkStep at this moment, however, is an unparalleled opportunity because of our mission, market, upside, and pace of growth.

Our mission is motivating and tangible

At WorkStep, we help frontline workers improve their job so that they can live a better life. Everything that we do is in service of that mission.

WorkStep HIRE helps workers find the right-fit job, and ensures their wages aren’t garnished by a temp agency. WorkStep RETAIN gives frontline workers a voice, and helps the world’s largest companies create a better employee experience at scale. 

When our engineering team releases a feature, their code supports hundreds of thousands of workers. When our sales team sells, they’re helping prospects improve outcomes for their company’s frontline teams. The day-to-day work of every WorkStep team ties tightly back to our mission.

At WorkStep, if a key performance indicator goes up and to the right, it means more lives are being positively impacted. 

We’re working on an increasingly important problem in a rapidly growing market

A year ago, when we talked about supply chain labor challenges, most people had to take our word for it. Today, everyone has seen the news stories and consumer impacts of an understaffed supply chain and sky high employee turnover.

The primary market we serve, the supply chain, is larger and more critical than ever. As more consumption moves online, there is an accelerating movement of jobs from endpoints (ex: retail stores) to midpoints (ex: warehouses). At the same time, workers are leaving their jobs more frequently than ever, and the skills gap is widening.

Today, American companies spend $1.1T per year on supply chain labor and labor overhead expenses. WorkStep is quickly becoming the default vendor helping those companies solve their workforce challenges.

Our company profile and stage presents an incredible financial opportunity

At WorkStep, we are doing >$10M in revenue, we just closed a $25M Series B, and we’re extremely capital efficient. Why is this important for job seekers? A few reasons:

1. We’re able to pay salaries that are competitive with almost any company in any geography

2. We’ll be around for many years to come

3. There is still 100X equity upside from here 

What this means is that the risk of joining WorkStep is very low, but the upside is still very high (you would be making a good salary for years with the potential to enjoy a massive financial windfall from stock options). 

The pace of our team growth presents exponential personal growth opportunities

If a company is of a fixed-size, a role typically needs to be vacated for an employee to move up or take on new challenges. Great people end up waiting in line for their opportunity to grow and try new things.

At WorkStep, we were 14 employees at the start of 2021, 48 to kick off 2022, and we’ll be nearing 150 when we ring in 2023. At this pace of headcount growth, new opportunities are always opening and available for all high performers. 

We embrace internal growth and it’s our goal to help our team members grow, similar to how we help frontline workers build their career. The leader of our customer success team started as a customer success associate. The leader of our account management team started as an Account Executive. The list goes on.

Interested in learning more?

If WorkStep’s mission, company profile, and team are what you’re looking for, we’d love to chat. Check out our open roles or email me directly at

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO |