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Weekly Workforce Insights: WorkStep RETAIN Customers Experienced a 16% Decrease in Frontline Turnover

Dan Johnston

August 5, 2022

Business leaders, especially those of the large frontline workforce are ready for the great resignation to be over. They are tired of replacing half or all of their headcount each year, just to stay fully staffed. 

At a national scale, unfortunately, the trend toward constant workforce turnover isn’t abating yet. In June, more than 4 million American workers quit their job for the 13th consecutive month. However, looking at only companies who use WorkStep, we see a different story from June of last year to June of this year. Our customers have seen turnover rates decrease by 16%.

If national quit rates are still at all-time highs, but this segment of employers are making double digit annual strides on workforce turnover, what’s going on? 

What we’re seeing is that workforce turnover is bifurcating. Those companies who are approaching their workforce in the same way as they were prior to 2020 are seeing turnover that is still at or near record highs, like it or not.

Frontline workers are increasingly voting with their feet, and with a multitude of alternative opportunities available to them, those companies who aren’t investing in being an employer of choice are seeing their teammates leave as frequently as they ever have.

On the other hand, those companies who are investing in technology and initiatives that help empower the voice of their frontline teammates while also enabling their leaders to understand and respond in the most effective way possible, are seeing turnover rates recede.

The question for every HR or OPs leader is what does your turnover trajectory look like? If it’s not on the decline, it’s time to ask why not.

WorkStep’s employee retention software has been proven to decrease frontline turnover rates, helping businesses create a more stable and engaged workforce.

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO |