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Weekly Workforce Insights: WorkStep Q2 2022 Top Workforce Turnover Drivers

Dan Johnston

August 26, 2022

Every quarter WorkStep produces the definitive report on what’s driving frontline workers to leave their jobs. We’re able to arrive at this list by correlating individual worker sentiment to actual turnover outcomes across hundreds of companies and hundreds of thousands of employees. In Q2, for the fourth quarter in a row, career growth was the number one driver of turnover.

Those workers who are unhappy with or don’t understand their growth prospects at their current employer are the most likely to have left their role in Q2.

After that, feedback was the second leading driver of turnover. Frontline employees desperately want the opportunity to provide, but also receive feedback from their manager and leaders on a regular basis.

What we don’t see on this list until #7 is pay. While base wage is a phenomenal tool to attract new employees it has a relatively small impact on workforce retention. Themes, such as scheduling, don’t even rank high enough to appear on this list.

Just because these are the top seven turnover drivers for the frontline workforce as a whole, doesn’t mean these are the top causes of attrition for your workforce. Every leader needs to understand their own leading indicators of attrition in order to proactively solve turnover events before they occur.

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO |