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Weekly Workforce Insights: Engaging with Frontline Workers Reduces Churn

Dan Johnston

August 19, 2022

For companies that make, move, and sell physical products, maintaining a line of connectivity to the distributed frontline workforce can be incredibly challenging. In most cases, key decision makers don’t work on the same shift or even in the same building as the workers that they oversee.

This is a hard problem for companies that employ thousands, especially those companies that employ tens or hundreds of thousands of hourly employees. But it is a hard problem that is absolutely worth solving.

At WorkStep, we did a national survey of these critical frontline workers and found that nearly 90% are more likely to stay at a company that they feel encourages and critically listens to their feedback.

Six out of 10 want to be sure that they have the ability to provide that sentiment at least monthly. To address these workforce desires at scale, companies need the help of technology. Process alone can’t ensure that thousands of distributed teammates truly have a voice. That technology needs to engage workers throughout their journey, process their feedback in real time, and give leaders the tools to ensure that their teammates feel heard with this foundation in place.

Any company can make almost 90% of their teammates more likely to stick around. And as we know, better employee retention leads to improved productivity, better teammate morale, and ultimately a better customer experience.

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO |