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Weekly Workforce Insights: Companies Experience Quick Employee Turnover

Dan Johnston

July 15, 2022

Leaders within the supply chain industry know that employee retention is the most challenging with new hires.

Through WorkStep’s partnerships, we continue to hear that if a worker stays 90 days to a year it’s much more likely they will be with the company for the long run. 

After evaluating 100,000 frontline workers since 2020 we saw that 75% of hourly workers who leave a role will leave within the first 95 days after starting. And 25% of new hires leave just within the first couple of weeks. 

We know that retaining employees within those first 90 days is a challenge, but also critical. So what can employers do to ensure retention during that time? They should lean into the employee experience even further. 

Some best practices include aligning job expectations to reality, painting clear career growth pathways for new employees, and emphasizing team and manager relationships early on. But most importantly, leaders need to listen to their new associates. Check-ins can’t wait for a quarterly check-in, at that point you’re too late. And the investments you made on sourcing and training have left with that employee. 

In order to solve turnover across the board, companies need to solve the new hire turnover issues. To do this, they must empower and act on the voice of these critical new teammates. 

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO |