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Weekly Workforce Insights: As Inflation Has Risen, Satisfaction with Pay has Decreased

Dan Johnston

July 1, 2022


Inflation has risen from 5% to nearly 9% in the past year, compounding the impact on our cost of living. We’ve all felt its effect, and for frontline workers who didn’t have much financial wiggle room in the first place, it’s been a hard hit.

As inflation continues to climb, the satisfaction with compensation is rapidly declining, leading to even more turnover within the supply chain. 

So what can employers do as they also combat rising pricing making it more and more difficult to see any profit?Companies need to understand how wage satisfaction ties to overall workforce sentiment and retention outcomes. Having these insights along with the ability to measure the impact of the pay changes they’re making allows companies to see the ROI on their investment. 

Dan Johnston

Dan Johnston, Co-Founder & CEO |