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5 Reasons Why Supply Chain Jobseekers Prefer Using WorkStep

Dan Johnston

September 13, 2020

Finding work is typically a stressful process. Fortunately, industry-specific technology can make it a little easier.

Those looking for industrial and supply chain jobs have been increasingly turning to WorkStep to find employment quickly and easily. This is happening for 5 key reasons.

1. WorkStep Only Suggests Jobs That Fit Your Preferences

Many online job search sites will push job listings at you that you have no interest in. These jobs may meet some of your requirements, but they might not pay enough, or they may be located further away than you’d like. Sorting through these jobs that you don’t want becomes time-consuming. When you already have limited time to look for a job, it’s easy to get frustrated.

You can avoid seeing the positions you don’t want by turning to WorkStep, where matches are automatically filtered based on a variety of criteria, including:

  • Schedule
  • Benefits
  • Commute
  • Job responsibilities
  • Wage

We firmly believe you shouldn’t have to settle when looking for an industrial job. That’s why when you use our platform, we only show you positions that match exactly what you’re looking for. This makes finding the right job much easier. It also helps you quickly compare the pros and cons of multiple positions you’re interested in.


2. You’ll Hear Back About Every Job – Quickly!

The worst part about looking for a new job is applying to a position you’re really excited about, only to never hear back from the company. Even if you didn’t get the position, it’s always helpful to have closure and know where you stand with your application. The job search process is stressful enough as is, but getting a response from each application can help keep you motivated throughout your search.

With many sites, it can feel like you’re dumping your resume in a black hole. But not with WorkStep. With our platform, you’ll hear back about the decision on 100% of your applications, guaranteed. Most of the decisions are made in less than two days. We value your time and want to make sure you aren’t waiting around for a response any longer than you need to be.

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3. You Can Use One Profile to Apply to Unlimited Listings

Manually filling out a new job application, resume, and cover letter for every single job you want to apply for can become tedious. With WorkStep, you have one profile that you can use for every employer. You won’t have to waste time filling out dozens of applications and posting them to various application tracking systems. This creates the most seamless, efficient process for applying to industrial jobs. You’ll save so much time and won’t feel as drained during your job search.

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4. The WorkStep Team is Always Easy to Reach

We’ve worked hard to make our platform easy to use. However, you can always reach a WorkStep coach or support team member via SMS or email. Our team will gladly walk you through any questions, such as how to create a compelling profile. Whether you would rather do everything yourself and simply apply for jobs from the comfort of your own home or you want someone to walk you through it step by step, you can do it with WorkStep.

We provide our expert advice for the job search process even when it doesn’t relate to our platform. For example, you can ask us questions about the interview process.

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5. The Support is Ongoing Even After You’ve Found a Job

Something unique about WorkStep is the way we continue to support and communicate with you after you’ve accepted a position. We are available to touch base with you after you’ve transitioned into a new job. We want to hear about how it’s going and if there are any challenges we can help with. Your feedback helps us further develop our platform for the success of other users. You won’t get these kinds of personal follow-ups with other job-seeking platforms.

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Dan Johnston

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